The Terms and Conditions displayed below are a very important part of the booking procedure. Here you will find everything you need to know about our tour policies.


Stated prices for EASY CYCLING SITGES TOURS are valid until December 31st, 2019. Rates are quoted in EURO inclusive of taxes. When you book online 3% is added at checkout for administration purposes. Prices may be subject to change at the discretion of Easy Cycling Sitges.

The price for EASY CYCLING SITGES TOURS includes the bike ride, transport, bicycle, safety helmet and pick-up in Sitges or surrounded areas.

Only the GROUP SPECIALS TOUR includes lunch.


You can book via our Booking Calendar on our “Book Now” page, which can be found in the upper menu of our website. You choose the available date, fill out the form and pay via Credit or Debit Card. The following information is requested to confirm your booking: CUSTOMER’S NAME & LASTNAME, TOUR DATE, PICK UP ADDRESS, NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS, E-MAIL-ADDRESS, MOBILE PHONE NUMBER. If traveling with children we need to know the age of each child. You will be asked to read and agree with our terms and conditions before you check out and pay. Do not miss any required information, otherwise, the booking form will not go through. After the payment is registered, the booking procedure is complete and the customer will receive a payment receipt via e-mail. You can print their receipt or simply take our confirmation e-mail on their cellphones and show them to the guide in charge of the tour.

Our tours require at least 2 people with a maximum of 8. If traveling solo, we will ask to choose another date and try to put you with a group.


Accepted Payment Methods: Easy Cycling Sitges accepts major credit cards via Paypal.
Payments through Paypal have to be made with the use of a credit or debit card or your PayPal account.


Easy Cycling Sitges claims no responsibility for any loss, damage, accident, injury, sickness or schedule change due to weather, strike or any other cause beyond our control. We will make every effort to safeguard our customers and their personal property, but cannot be held responsible for personal events beyond the tour operators control, or to damage sustained by tourists including those occurring outside the touring program. Easy Cycling Sitges acts in good faith, and cannot be held responsible for any agent, hotel, coach operator, tour guide or any other person’s or company’s acts, defaults or delays. We, therefore, advise all customers to have comprehensive travel insurance to meet all contingencies.

Easy Cycling Sitges reserves the right to alter routes, itineraries or departure times, without prior notice, should the necessity arise.
Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and in order to do so, we maintain strict quality monitoring. If for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your tour package, we want to hear about it. We recommend you contact us as soon as any incident arises. If you are unable to do so at the time, you must advise Easy Cycling Sitges via e-mail within 48 hours after the event.

All information on the website is subject to change. Easy Cycling Sitges reserves the right to alter/change/correct mistakes that may possibly appear in the website or published price lists.



EASY CYCLING SITGES reserves the right to alter the route or itinerary of any of its tours and arrange alternative routes to those advertised if necessary. All our tours will happen with rain or on cloudy days unless it is a bad storm with high-speed winds or heavy downpours, that can offer risks to our groups and staff.

If a decision needs to be made, in terms of changing the itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances, like forest fires, floods, breakdowns, heavy rain, thunderstorms or anything else that cannot be foreseen at this time, it will all be left to the discretion of the tour guide in charge.

If a tour needs to be cancelled during the tour, due to sudden weather changes that can put our customers at risk, we will discuss further options with you. We will either bring you back directly to your accommodation or give you the option to guarantee that you will have a great day out on our tour. We will offer refunds in case less than 50 % of the tour could be operated.

If the tour needs to be cancelled by EASY CYCLING SITGES right before it starts, for any possible reason, a full refund will be given to customers through Paypal, credit card , or in cash. The group may also choose another alternative date for the tour.


Our bike tours, operate rain or shine, or even on cloudy conditions. Customers cannot cancel a tour based on their own assumption that the weather represents a risk, or simply because they wish to do a tour on a sunny day, and still expect a refund. Also, we cannot guarantee visibility. If customers cancel the trip right before it starts or less than a week prior to the tour date, we reserve the right to retain 25 % of the fees already paid. In an event of illness or any other type of problem or emergency that may prevent the customer from participating in the tour, the same rules will be applied, if the attempt of cancelling the trip happens one week or less prior to the tour date.

EASY CYCLING SITGES offers full and partial refunds in the following cases:

1- Customers request a refund for any reason, within the acceptable time listed below, under the Notice of Cancelation section.
2 – Tour cannot happen, due to weather issues or natural disasters ( storms, heavy rain, high-speed wind, floods, mud or rock slides, fall of trees, etc), noted a day before, or even on the tour date, before the tour starts ( sudden weather changes).
3 – Tour cannot happen, due to a logistic problem ( mechanical failure with our vehicles during pick up), a sudden illness that may prevent the tour guide from guiding the tour, or any other similar event that may prevent us from operating the tour.
4 – Some kind of accident during a tour, or any issues or discomfort that customers may feel during the trip, that can justify the request as compensation for the problem caused. In this particular case, customers MUST REPORT IT to our office no later than 48 hours after the event, via e-mail only. If it is proved, after we analyse the case, that an issue with safety or any discomfort were caused by a member of our staff, a refund will be issued. Whether in these cases, a full or a partial refund will be issued, it will depend on the circumstances and how our office staff will judge the case.

Refunds are paid within 15 days via Paypal, once the request is approved by us.

No refunds will be given in the event of any delay, either during pick up or drop off, caused by traffic jams or mechanical failure, as long as it is not over 60 minutes.

Notice of cancellation – Valid for Groups or Individual Customers

• More than a week prior to tour date: full refund
• Less than one week prior to tour date: 25 % refund

* Refunds are paid within 15 days after the request is made.


In case the customer needs to change the pickup address or increase the number of participants, he or she must make the request by e-mail. There is no fee charged for these requests.

Some discounts are given based on group size, so in case the number of customers is reduced for whatever reason, the remainder may be subjected to a raise, according to the price related to the new group size, displayed on our website.

All requests for date changes to a booking must be made by e-mail from the person who submitted the booking originally.


Our cycling tour is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Please, make us aware of any health conditions and requirements.